Fibre Optic UV Lighting Kit and light source


Option: 100 Tails x 1 Metre
Sale price£399.99


This Fibre Optic UV Kit is tactile and great to handle spray of UV effect strands which provide tactile stimulation and sensory calmness through touch and light. 
The Fibre Optic UV Kit has strong bright colours are enhanced in ultraviolet light making this a stunning effect to add to any sensory room.
An ideal calming and relaxing resource.
The great thing about our Fibre optic tails is that they are durable and can handle stretching or chewing and they are much better than some cheaper fibre glass options sold by other sensory retailers.

  • A great sensory lighting addition to encourage relaxation through play and a great visual stimulator whilst also be a great tactile treat.
  • Sets include fibre optic spray and light source.

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