Eyeline Mirror Stripes 4 Pack

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These mirror strips offer a versatile addition to any sensory room, providing multiple layers of educational and developmental benefits:

Light Reflection: Placing these mirror strips strategically around the room can amplify the effect of light, creating a warm, inviting, and stimulating environment. This is particularly beneficial in sensory rooms where light plays a key role in setting the mood and stimulating senses.

Exploration of Self: The mirrors allow children to explore their facial expressions, promoting self-awareness and emotional intelligence. They can make faces, smile, frown, and see their own reactions, which can be both educational and entertaining.

Spatial Awareness: Mirrors can also help children with spatial orientation. Understanding how mirrors reflect images and light can offer an introduction to basic physics concepts.

Ease of Installation: With the included Glue Spots, installation is a breeze. This means you can easily reposition the strips if needed, offering flexibility in room design.

Set Components: With 4 pieces per set, these mirror strips offer versatility in arrangement. You can place them in a line, in a square, or any configuration that suits your space and needs.

All in all, these mirror strips are more than just decorative elements; they are educational tools that can enhance a child's sensory experience in a multitude of ways.

  • A great way to reflect light back into the room or to allow children to explore facial expressions etc.
  • Simply attach to the wall using attached Glue Spots.
  • 4 Pieces per set

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