Extra Long Original Hand Pointers Set of 3

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Take your teaching and classroom interaction to the next level with the Extra Long Original Hand Pointers Set of 3. Designed with an extended reach, these pointers are perfect for younger students who may need a little extra assistance or for teachers who want to engage with their materials from a distance.
Whether you're using interactive whiteboards, overhead screens, maps, pocket charts, or big books, these extra-long pointers provide the flexibility and accessibility you need. With a longer reach, you can effortlessly guide your students' attention to specific details, highlight important information, and actively participate in lessons.

In these unprecedented times, safety is of utmost importance. The Extra Long Original Hand Pointers have become an invaluable tool in classrooms during the COVID pandemic. With these pointers, both teachers and students can actively participate in lessons while maintaining safe distances. This is particularly important in maintaining a safe and hygienic learning environment for everyone.

Each set includes three pointers, ensuring that both teachers and students have access to these elongated tools. Made with quality materials, these pointers are durable and built to last. The vibrant colors and sleek design add a touch of fun and style to your classroom setup.

Take advantage of the Extra Long Original Hand Pointers Set of 3 and empower your teaching methods. Engage your students, promote active learning, and ensure a safe and secure classroom environment. With these versatile pointers, every lesson becomes an interactive and enriching experience.
  • Measure 60cm L.

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