Emotion Squares

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The Emotion Squares are an incredible sensory exploration play set that will captivate children's attention. With this set, children will have endless opportunities for engaging and interactive play.

The Emotion Squares come with a convenient storage bag, making it perfect for home use, school use, or even for therapists on the go. No matter where you are, you can easily bring this versatile play set with you.

Featuring a set of 20 squares, each square displays a unique facial expression. There are ten different pairs of expressions in total. Children can have fun matching the pairs and exploring the various feelings and emotions portrayed.

This play set not only provides entertainment but also encourages valuable discussions about emotions and feelings.
Through these discussions, children can learn to express and understand their own emotions, as well as develop empathy and social skills.

Invest in the Emotion Squares and provide children with a dynamic and educational playtime experience. Watch as they explore, learn, and grow while having fun with this amazing sensory exploration play set.

  • A set of 20 squares showing ten different pairs of expressions.
  • Match the pairs and discuss feelings and emotions at the same time.

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