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The Emoji Cubes develop early learners' self-awareness! Use the Emoji Cubes to develop social and emotional skills with these brightly coloured cubes.
I mages and prompts will encourage young children to think about how they’re feeling and to talk about their emotions.

Introduce the joys of self-expression and emotional understanding to young learners with our Emoji Cubes set. These bright, soft foam cubes are designed not just for fun but also for developing key social and emotional skills.

Key Features

  • Dual-Type Cubes: The set includes two cubes with emoji faces and two cubes featuring written emotional prompts.
  • Soft Material: Made from soft foam for a quiet and safe play experience.
  • Compact Size: Each cube measures just 4cm, making them ideal for little hands.
  • Multilingual Packaging: Making the product accessible to a broader range of users.

Educational Benefits

  1. Self-Awareness: Encourages children to identify and articulate their feelings by rolling the cubes and discussing the displayed emotions.
  2. Emotional Literacy: Written prompts like "What makes you nervous?" help children explore secondary emotions, taking emotional learning a step deeper.
  3. Language Development: Engaging discussions catalyzed by the cubes can significantly improve early speech and language skills.

How to Use

  • Roll the emoji face cubes and ask the children to name the emotion displayed.
  • Roll the cubes featuring written prompts to encourage kids to talk or write about specific feelings and situations.
  • Ideal for both solo and group activities.

Whether in a classroom or at home, these Emoji Cubes offer a fun and engaging way to help children talk about how they feel. The combination of visual and written prompts makes it an excellent tool for developing not just emotional intelligence but also language skills.

Don't miss out on this incredible educational tool. Add a set of Emoji Cubes to your learning resources today!

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