Double Handed Tracking Board Kites

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The Double Handed Tracking Board Kites is the perfect tool to enhance hand-eye coordination and promote exceptional handwriting skills in children. Crafted from durable wood, this sturdy board features a beautifully carved pattern that allows kids to guide a wooden pencil along its path.

Designed to cater to both right and left-handed children, this tracking board is versatile and adaptable to individual needs. It not only helps children develop their handwriting skills but also encourages the refinement of their fine motor skills.

This classic sensory toy has been specifically designed to improve core writing skills. The act of following the carved pattern on the board not only engages and strengthens hand muscles but also stimulates sensory perception, offering an enriching and immersive learning experience.

Ideal for children of all ages, the Double Handed Tracking Board Kites is an excellent tool for both educators and parents. It not only adds an element of fun to learning but also contributes to the foundation of essential motor and cognitive skills that children will utilize throughout their lives.

Invest in this remarkable sensory and educational tool today and watch your child soar to new heights of writing and hand coordination skills!
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination and handwriting skills.
  • Suitable for right or left handed children.
  • A fantastic sensory classic that develops core writing skills and fine motor skills.
  • Board size 30 x 21 cm
  • Suitable for ages 3+

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