Double Handed Tracking Board Flowers

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Introducing our Wooden Double Handed Tracking Board with a magnificent flower design! This tracking board is not just your ordinary educational tool; it is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that will captivate both children and adults.

Designed with a sturdy wooden construction, this tracking board offers durability and long-lasting use. The carved pattern on the board guides a wooden pencil along its path, encouraging precise movements while promoting hand-eye coordination. This engaging activity is perfect for developing fine motor skills, enhancing concentration, and improving handwriting abilities.

The stunning flower design adds a touch of elegance to this educational tool, making it visually appealing and delightful to use. The intricate carving of the pattern stimulates creativity and imagination, capturing the attention and interest of young learners.

Whether used in the classroom, homeschooling environment, or as a recreational activity at home, our Double Handed Tracking Board is an ideal tool for teachers, parents, and occupational therapists. It makes learning enjoyable and interactive, fostering essential skills while making progress feel rewarding.

Don't miss out on this wonderful educational resource that combines functionality, beauty, and learning in one! Order the Wooden Double Handed Tracking Board with a stunning flower design today and watch as hand-eye coordination and handwriting skills flourish in a delightful and engaging manner.
  • Suitable for right or left handed children.
  • Board size 30 x 21 cm
  • Suitable for ages 3+

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