Dolphin Water snake

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The Dolphin Water snake is the ultimate toy for soft and slippery fun! Designed to provide a tactile and visual delight, this toy offers endless entertainment for children. With its sliding and slippery texture, it offers a unique sensation that kids love.
It also offers the added benefit of helping them develop and improve hand strength and coordination.

Not only is the Dolphin Water snake a source of fun and play, but it also serves as a fantastic fidget and distraction toy. Whether at home or in school, this toy can help keep children engaged and focused. Its soothing and mesmerizing colors, combined with its soft feel, provide a calming sensory experience that can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Rest assured, the Dolphin Water snake is made using high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring the safety of children of all ages. Its compact size allows for easy transportation, so your little ones can take it wherever they go.
  • This toy is non-toxic
  • Suitable for children from 3 years.
  • Measures approx.14cm

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