Dinosaur Height Mirror

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Introducing the Dinosaur Height Mirror, a delightful addition to any child's space! This acrylic mirror not only reflects their little faces but also doubles as an interactive height chart.

Featuring clear centimeter markings that extend up to 150cm, this Dinosaur Height Mirror enables children to track their growth in a fun and engaging way.
It's not just a mirror; it's a tool for learning and self-discovery. Plus, you can use a dry wipe marker to record your child's height progress over time, creating a personalized growth chart that captures their journey from baby to toddler.

Babies and small children are naturally drawn to faces, and this height chart mirror combines their fascination with self-recognition and measurement. It's perfect for various entertaining activities and learning experiences.

The Dinosaur Height Mirror is the ideal choice to make growing up an adventure. With its playful design and practicality, it's sure to be a hit in any child's room or nursery. Watch as your child's curiosity and self-awareness grow along with them!

Dinosaur Height Mirror

  • This acrylic mirror features cm markings up to 150cm, allowing children to record their own height.
  • Great for use with a dry wipe marker.
  • Babies and small children are fascinated by faces and will love using this height chart mirror for many fun activities.
  • This acrylic mirror features cm markings up to 150cm

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