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The Curiosity Corner is a comprehensive sensory play area designed to stimulate a wide range of senses and skills. Here's what sets it apart:

Curiosity Corner Features:

👀 Perception Panel: The perception panel provides visual stimulation and helps develop skills like pattern recognition and focus.

🔍 Looking Panel: This panel is designed to engage children in observational skills, helping them to understand the concept of perspective and spacial awareness.

🔳 Carpet Area: The carpet offers tactile stimulation and provides a comfortable space for sitting or lying down during playtime.

📏 Dimensions: The Curiosity Corner measures 100L x 100W x 75H cm, making it a suitable addition to various settings.

Educational Benefits:

🗨️ Language and Communication Skills: Interaction between small groups promotes language development and effective communication.

🌱 Personal, Social, and Emotional Growth: Playing in a group setting encourages sharing, cooperation, and understanding of social cues.

🤔 Critical Thinking: The multi-sensory panels invite curiosity and critical thinking, allowing children to explore and develop their own ideas.

🧠 Cognitive Skills: The various panels and activities challenge children's cognitive abilities, aiding in their intellectual development.


👶 Nurseries: A safe and stimulating environment for the youngest learners to explore and interact.

🏫 Children’s Centres: An excellent addition to any child-focused facility looking for a comprehensive sensory play area.

🏠 Childcare Settings: Perfect for daycare centers or in-home childcare providers who want to offer a range of sensory experiences.

How to Use:

  1. Exploration Time: Allow children the freedom to explore each panel and area of the Curiosity Corner.
  2. Guided Activities: Provide structured games or tasks that require children to engage with each part of the Corner.
  3. Group Interaction: Encourage small groups to play together, promoting social skills and group dynamics.
  4. Adult Participation: Adults can guide and participate in activities, enriching the children’s learning experience.

The Curiosity Corner offers a rich sensory environment that is ideal for a variety of educational and childcare settings. With its thoughtful design and multiple panels, it provides a complete sensory experience that encourages learning, interaction, and fun.

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