Crystal Megamag Polydron 36pcs

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Introduce a touch of elegance and wonder to geometry exploration with the Crystal Megamag Polydron 36pcs set. Specifically designed for small groups or individual students, this set allows for the creation of both 2D and 3D shapes using magnetic pieces that shine brilliantly on a light table or against a light source.

The set includes 20 squares and 16 triangles, providing enough pieces to build a variety of shapes and structures. With the Crystal Megamag, students are not only encouraged to explore geometry but also discover the beauty of color. The transparent pieces add a touch of vibrancy and visual allure to the learning experience.

Crafted with chunky and easy-to-handle pieces, the Crystal Megamag Polydron set ensures a comfortable and hassle-free building process. Students can confidently manipulate the pieces and focus on unleashing their creativity without any limitations.

Thanks to their unique polarity, the magnets in this set are self-correcting. The colored side pieces (non-clear) attract and join together, maintaining the integrity of the shapes created. However, the reverse clear side does not connect with the colored pieces, offering a clear distinction for intuitive play and easy differentiation.

Measuring 12 x 12cm (4.72 x 4.72 inches), the squares in this set are a practical size for easy manipulation and construction. It allows for the creation of both small-scale and large-scale shapes, giving students the freedom to experiment and explore the vast realm of geometry.

Ignite a sense of awe and wonder as students delve into the world of geometry with the Crystal Megamag Polydron 36pcs set. By combining the beauty of color with the principles of shape and structure, this set offers an engaging and visually stunning learning experience. Watch as students construct magnificent designs and develop a deeper understanding of geometry concepts.

Infuse geometry exploration with elegance and visual intrigue. The Crystal Megamag Polydron 36pcs set promises captivating play and a solid foundation in geometry for students of all ages. Let imaginations soar and witness the wonders of shape and color unfold before your eyes.
  • 36 piece set contains 20 squares and 16 triangles.
  • Crystal Mega Mag encourages students to explore geometry and colour at the same time.
  • Pieces are chunky and easy to handle.
  • Due to their polarity, magnets are self-correcting. The coloured side pieces (non clear) join together, but not with the reverse clear side.
  • Squares measure 12 x 12cm (4.72 x 4.72 inches).

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