Crocodile Hop Early Skills Activity Set

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Unleash the power of play and learning with the Crocodile Hop Early Skills Activity Set! Designed to captivate your child's imagination, this interactive game transports children to a magical river where they can hop from numbers to colours to shapes, all while evading the playful crocodiles below.


  1. Engaging Gameplay: Your child will not only hop down the river, but they'll also learn colours, shapes, and counting numbers from 1 to 10.

  2. Enhance Early Skills: Through this exciting game, children can improve problem-solving abilities, learn the importance of turn-taking, and understand the nuances of direction following, especially when they play together.

  3. Versatile Mat: The oversized mat, measuring at 250cm L x 75cm W, is designed to cater to every child's need. Whether they want to play individually, with a few friends, or even as part of a whole-class activity, this mat accommodates all.

  4. Inclusive Activity Set: The Crocodile Hop set comes with:

    • A vibrant, colourful vinyl floor mat
    • Two inflatable 12cm cubes for added fun
    • 40 adorable animal markers to guide your child's journey
    • A comprehensive activity guide to provide various ways to play and learn
  5. Safe & Age-Appropriate: Specially designed for kids, the Crocodile Hop Early Skills Activity Set is recommended for ages 3 to 7. It's made with high-quality, safe materials that ensure your child can play without any worries.


Let your child dive into a world where learning meets fun. With the Crocodile Hop Early Skills Activity Set, every day becomes an opportunity for adventure and knowledge. 

  • Versatile over-sized floor mat.
  • Develops a variety of early learning skills.
  • Improved problem solving skills.
  • Provides individual or group play opportunities.
  • Includes Activity Guide.

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