Creation Station Children's White Chalk 40 Pack


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Introducing the Creation Station Children's White Chalks – the perfect artistic companion for your young ones! Designed to be long-lasting and sturdy, these chalks are specifically crafted for younger children, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable drawing experience.
Thanks to their easy-to-grip form, your little artists will have no trouble holding and maneuvering these chalks on paper or blackboards. And the best part? Our special formula guarantees vibrant colors without the annoying dust, making clean-up a breeze for parents and teachers alike.

These chalks excel on both light and dark paper, allowing your child's creativity to shine on any canvas. Whether they are creating stunning designs or doodling their imaginative thoughts, the colors will pop effortlessly. Moreover, these chalks are perfect for use on blackboards, enabling your little ones to showcase their artistic prowess to the world.

The Creation Station Children's White Chalks are uniquely shaped to fit small hands, ensuring ultimate comfort and control while drawing. This feature allows for a seamless transition from imagination to reality, as your child can confidently bring their ideas to life.

For an added touch of vibrancy and intensity, why not try using these chalks wet? By experimenting with water, your young artists can achieve even greater depth of color, enhancing their artwork and providing a new dimension to their creativity.

Encourage your child's artistic journey with the Creation Station Children's White Chalks. With their durability, vibrant colors, and user-friendly design, these chalks are an essential tool for all budding artists. So, let your child's imagination run wild and watch their creativity soar with these exceptional chalks!
  • Perfect shape for small hands.
  • Try using them wet for even greater depth of colour.
  • White Size: 57mm long x 14mm diameter

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