Create A Space Hanging Storage Chart

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Save space with this Create A Space Hanging Storage Chart.
Whether you’re working in a classroom or trying to keep homes clutter-free, storage space always comes at a premium.
With the Create-A-Space Hanging Storage Chart from Learning Resources, you can create your own instant storage unit wherever you find a flat surface.

Maximize your storage and keep your space organized with the Create-A-Space Hanging Storage Chart. This versatile storage solution is perfect for both professional and personal settings, offering an efficient way to declutter and keep essential items within arm's reach.

Create A Space Hanging Storage Chart Features:

Versatile Design

  • Whether you're in a classroom, office, or at home, the chart adapts to your needs, providing quick access to whatever you're storing.


  • Measuring at 61.25cm W x 30cm H (24.5"W x 12"H), the chart can be conveniently hung on walls or doors, freeing up valuable desk or counter space.

Durable Material

  • Made from thick, robust plastic, this chart can withstand the weight of various items without stretching or tearing, promising long-term durability.

Multiple Pockets

  • Comes equipped with 10 pockets, each featuring a clear front for easy visibility. The chart has 5 large pockets for bigger items and 5 small pockets for lightweight objects.

Convenient Hanging

  • Three sturdy grommets allow the chart to be easily and securely hung, ensuring it stays in place.

Multilingual Packaging

  • Comes with packaging that features multiple languages, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

Practical Storage

  • Ideal for a variety of accessories, from office supplies like pens, markers, and stapler refills, to arts and crafts materials like glue sticks and paint brushes.

Quick Access

  • The clear pockets allow for quick identification of stored items, making it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Easy to Clean

  • Made of plastic, the chart is a breeze to clean and maintain, ensuring it stays in top condition for longer.

By opting for the Create-A-Space Hanging Storage Chart, you're choosing a functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing storage solution that will help you create a more organized and efficient workspace.

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