Constructa Cabin 60pk

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This exciting Constructa Cabin 60pk set will allow children to build their very own cabin in the woods, mighty pirate ship or cosy den.
The Constructa Cabin 60pk pieces are designed to be easy for young children to connect and build.
The Constructa Cabin 60pk set can be used indoors or outdoors.
All the pieces of the Constructa Cabin are made from durable plastic.
Encourage children to move around freely while exploring positional and comparative language.
Can the children get under, over, inside or behind their structure? Can they make themselves bigger or smaller than their structure or perhaps find something of the same colour or texture.

Constructa Cabin

  • 11 large connectors
  • 26 beams
  • 15 connectors
  • 8 flexible connectors
  • Pack size: 60 Material:
  • Plastic Age Range:Suitable for age 10 months and up

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