Coloured Click Blocks (100 Pieces)

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Discover the endless possibilities of creative construction with this versatile set of Coloured Click Blocks. Designed to inspire the architects of tomorrow, these Coloured Click Blocks offer a tactile and engaging play experience.

Coloured Click Blocks (100 Pieces) Features:

🎨 Assorted Colours and Shapes: The Coloured Click Blocks set includes blocks in a variety of shapes and colours, allowing children to let their imaginations run wild. They can create anything from towering skyscrapers to intricate designs.

👐 Perfect Size for Little Hands: Each Coloured Click Block is sized to be easily grasped by young hands, making stacking and connecting a breeze.

🔒 Firm Connection: The blocks 'click' together firmly, providing a stable base for various building projects, but they can also be easily taken apart to start anew.

🎨 Creative Play: The myriad of colours and shapes stimulate children's imagination and encourage them to create a range of structures.

🤲 Fine Motor Skills: Handling and stacking the blocks help in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

🌳 High-Quality, Responsible Materials: Made from materials that are not only of high quality but are also responsibly sourced, providing peace of mind regarding safety and sustainability.

🇪🇺 Safety Standards: The set is fully compliant with current European safety standards, making it safe for young children to play with.

Educational Benefits:

  • Cognitive Development: The blocks encourage problem-solving and logical thinking as children figure out different ways to stack and connect them.

  • Mathematical Concepts: Simple geometry and early maths concepts like counting, shapes, and balance can be introduced through block play.

  • Language Skills: Describing their creations and processes enhances vocabulary and communication skills.

  • Social Skills: Block building can be a collaborative activity, encouraging teamwork and sharing.


  • Number of pieces: 100
  • Material: High-quality, responsibly sourced wood
  • Safety: Conforms to current European safety standards

Whether it's for individual or group play, in educational settings or at home, these Coloured Click Blocks offer an enriching playtime experience. They're perfect for budding builders and architects, as well as any child who loves to create!

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