Colour Changing Smart Putty

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The Colour Changing Smart Putty is an exciting and interactive toy that brings a magical twist to the classic putty. Designed to captivate and engage, this putty offers endless possibilities for both creative play and sensory stimulation.

Colour Changing Smart Putty Features:

  • Heat Sensitive: The unique property of this putty is its ability to change colour when it senses heat. The warmth from your hands triggers the change, making it an ever-changing, dynamic toy.

  • Versatile Play: The putty can be moulded, stretched, and bounced. You can even watch it melt, adding different dimensions to how you can interact with it.

  • Colour Changing: Each tin contains one of four vibrant colours that change to another shade when manipulated. For example, light purple turns to blue, and orange shifts to yellow.

  • Storage Tin: The putty comes in a handy storage tin, making it easy to store and carry, ensuring it stays fresh for future use.

Educational and Sensory Benefits:

  • Sensory Stimulation: The changing colours and tactile nature of the putty provide excellent sensory stimulation, making it ideal for sensory-focused activities.

  • Fine Motor Skills: The act of moulding and stretching the putty can help in the development of fine motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

  • Cognitive Skills: The putty can serve as a focus tool, helping to improve concentration and relieve stress, which can be beneficial in an educational setting.

  • Creative Play: The malleable nature of the putty encourages creative play, allowing kids to make shapes, figures, and whatever their imagination allows.

  • Science Exploration: The heat-sensitive property of the putty provides a simple, yet fascinating introduction to the concept of thermochromism, potentially sparking interest in science.

The Colour Changing Smart Putty is a fabulous toy that combines the traditional joys of putty with the thrill of colour transformation. Suitable for children and adults alike, it offers both entertainment and educational value.

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