Clockwork Snake

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Introducing the Clockwork Snake, the most entertaining and unique toy you'll ever come across! This captivating little creature mimics a real snake's movement, walking and sliding from side to side in a mesmerizing fashion.

With its simple wind-up action, the Clockwork Snake becomes the perfect exercise for your little one's tiny fingers. Watch as they joyfully twist the key and set this enchanting reptile into motion. Its highly entertaining action will leave them giggling and delighted for hours on end.

Designed to captivate and engage, the Clockwork Snake slithers and slides along any flat surface, adding an element of fun into every playtime. Whether it's gliding across the living room floor or slithering on the kitchen counter, this little creature will bring endless laughter to your child's face.

Not only is the Clockwork Snake a source of great amusement, but it also serves as a useful distraction or reward for your little ones. Its eye-catching design and mesmerizing movement will capture their attention, providing a brief break from their daily routines.

Indulge your child's curiosity and imagination with this highly amusing and novel Clockwork Snake. Get ready for non-stop entertainment and joy as this enchanting creature brings laughter, exercise, and a dash of distraction to your little one's world.

  • Simple wind up action, great to get their little fingers exercising! Highly entertaining action.
  • Watch the Clockwork Snake slither and slide along.
  • Great fun action, and a useful eye catching little distraction or reward.
  • Assorted designs 14.5cm

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