Classic World 100 Blocks Set

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The Classic World building blocks offer a comprehensive developmental experience for children. Not only are they engaging toys that capture children's imaginations, but they also serve multiple educational and developmental purposes.

Motor Skills: The act of grasping, stacking, and aligning the blocks hones fine motor skills, which are essential for a wide range of daily activities.

Problem-Solving: Figuring out how to build a stable structure or create a particular design involves problem-solving skills, encouraging children to think critically and adaptively.

Imagination and Creativity: The possibilities with building blocks are endless. Whether it's building a tall tower, a complex fortress, or a sprawling city, children can let their imaginations soar.

Social Skills: Building as a group activity requires communication, sharing, and mutual respect among peers. It can teach vital social skills, such as teamwork and cooperation, which are useful in later life.

In terms of company ethics, Classic World takes a holistic approach, encompassing not just the educational aspects but also the environmental ones. They source wood from sustainable forests and employ environmentally safe production processes, which adds an extra layer of reassurance for parents concerned about the planet their children will inherit. The use of non-toxic paints also means that these toys are safe for children, aligning with the brand's philosophy of 'Happy Playing, Happy Learning.'

With high-quality, durable construction, these building blocks are designed to last, providing long-term value both as entertainment and educational tools. By prioritizing both child development and environmental responsibility, Classic World building blocks offer a multi-faceted, enriching experience that parents and children alike can feel good about.

  • Material: Made from sustainable source wood
  • Dimensions: 23L x 23W x 23H CM
  • Age suitability: 12 months +
  • Care: Wipe clean Description:
  • Box contains 1 x Classic World 100 Piece Wooden Building.
  • Consists of 100 assorted blocks.

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