CHUIT Tough Tag Bar

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The CHUIT Tough Tag Bar is a stylish and discreet sensory chew for children and adults who like to chew,the CHUIT Tough Tag Baris a safe alternative for children who like to chew on pencils,jumper sleeves and fingers and it provides a unique sensory outlet for users.

Use the CHUIT Tough Tag Bar in the classroom or at home and children will have an outlet to relieve the days stresses and have a little moment of calm.

The CHUIT Tough Tag Bar has a unique shape which is designed with style at the heart.
The CHUIT Tough Tag Bar is a great sensory seekers solution and children will love its ability to blend into every day life.

The CHUIT Tough Tag Bar is designed by our manufacturing team and is unique to Sensory Education, the CHUIT brand is a registered trade mark and please be aware of imitation copies on alternative websites.

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