CHUIT Chew Textured Grabber XL


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Introducing the Chew Textured Grabber XL, the ultimate oral sensory tool for jaw movement, tongue movement, and oral exploration. Made from resilient material, this grabber is designed to help with oral defensiveness and food aversions by desensitizing the mouth and introducing new textures that simulate the feel of real food.

Not only does the Chew Textured Grabber XL provide a safe and durable alternative to tooth-grinding and chewing on non-food items, but it's also sure to capture the interest of users of all ages. Its solid construction ensures that there are no through holes or crevices where bacteria or saliva could accumulate, making it hygienic and easy to clean.

With its "built-in" handle, the Chew Textured Grabber XL offers a secure and comfortable grip for the hand, allowing for easy manipulation and control. While all surfaces can be chewed on, the extended design of this grabber enables individuals to reach areas further back on the tongue and between the gums and teeth, providing that extra proprioceptive input that users may need.

Measuring 5 inches in length and just under 2 inches across the loop/handle, the Chew Textured Grabber XL is compact and portable, making it convenient for use on the go. Its various bumps and surfaces are strategically designed to simulate the textures of real food, enhancing the sensory experience and satisfaction.

Say goodbye to biting fingers, shirts, pencils, and other hazardous non-food items, and say hello to a safe and stimulating oral sensory experience with the Chew Textured Grabber XL. It's time to indulge in jaw movement, tongue movement, and oral exploration in a fun and beneficial way.

  • To decrease pica, thumb-sucking, and tooth-grinding
  • To build oral strength and tolerance
  • To calm and soothe individuals through oral sensory input
  • To de-sensitize the mouth for individuals with oral defensiveness and food aversions
  • To assist in transitioning individuals with sensory issues from puréed to textured foods

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