CHUIT Chew Buddy Pal

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The CHUIT Chew Buddy Pal is a cool solution for children who need a sensory outlet when feeling nervous or fidgety.
The CHUIT Chew Buddy Pal is perfect for fidgeting hands and chewers.

The CHUIT Chew Buddy Pal has been developed for children and adults who seek oral sensory feedback and this chew combines the best in safety and hygiene with textures, different levels of hardness and shapes.

Our CHUIT Chew Buddy Pal range is good for:

  • Children with autism or other additional needs who often have a need to chew.
  • safe alternative to chewing on fingers, cuffs, pencils, and toys.
  • Use the CHUIT Chew Buddy Pal for proprioceptive input and sensory feedback to the mouth and jaw.
  • Also makes a great tactile fidget toy.

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