Castle Maker Set Set of 16

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Presenting the Castle Maker Set—a complete 16-piece kit designed to unleash your child's imagination and foster their developmental skills. This all-in-one sandcastle creation kit will make beach days and sandbox play more magical than ever before.

Castle Maker Set Set of 16 Features:

🏰 Variety of Moulds: The Castle Maker set includes an array of mould shapes to construct intricate sandcastles. Choose from round towers, square corners, turrets, and castellated walls to build the castle of your dreams.

🪣 All-in-One Set: Includes 2 buckets, 2 scoops, 2 spades, and 10 moulds. Styles may vary, adding an element of surprise to each set.

👫 Group Play: With 16 pieces, this set is perfect for group participation, encouraging team work and collaborative play.

🎨 Imaginative Play: Allow your children to fully engage their creativity as they design their own unique castles.

📏 Specification: The set size is 230 x 222mm, making it easy to carry and ideal for little hands to manipulate.

Educational Benefits:

  • Understanding the World: Through exploration and play, children get to understand different shapes and how they can interact with the world around them.

  • Physical Development: Scooping sand and placing moulds enhance motor skills, providing a fun way to develop dexterity and coordination.

  • Expressive Arts & Design: Building sandcastles feeds the imagination, allowing for expressive, creative play.

  • Personal Development: Collaborative play scenarios help in developing social skills like sharing, communication, and cooperation.

Age Suitability: This set is suitable for children from 18 months and above, making it a long-lasting addition to your child's playtime repertoire.

With the Castle Maker Set, your child won't just be building sandcastles—they'll be building skills, friendships, and precious memories.

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