Candy Jellyfish

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Indulge in some exciting and energizing fun with our captivating Candy Jellyfish ball! Designed with tentacle-like legs and made from a tactile stretchy material, this wiggly, jiggly toy offers an engaging sensory experience.

Ideal for individuals with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, the Candy Jellyfish serves as a fantastic sensory fidget toy. It aids in relieving stress and provides a soothing outlet for restless minds and hands.

With its unique texture and flexible construction, this vibrant Candy Jellyfish ball offers a wealth of sensory and tactile input. Squeeze it, stretch it, or toss it around for a delightful and calming sensory experience.

Whether you are seeking a stress-reliever, a calming tool, or simply a source of pure sensory fun, our Candy Jellyfish ball is here to provide hours of enjoyment. Grab one now and dive into a world of enchanting tactile exploration!
  • Candy Jellyfish - Soft, squishy, stretchy fidget toy Rubbery texture and stretchy tentacles offer tactile stimulation
  • Ideal toy for those who like to fidget and fiddle, great for relieving stress
  • Candy Jellyfish helps to develop fine motor skills and hand strength
  • Approx 9cm Diameter

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