Bubble Tube Plinth Small

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The Bubble Tube Plinth features a soft and durable White Vinyl Fabric covering that not only adds a touch of elegance but is also easy to clean. Simply wipe away any spills or dirt, and the Plinth will look as good as new.
Ideal for sensory rooms, therapy centers, or even at home, the Bubble Tube Plinth is a versatile addition to any space. Its compact size and sleek square design ensure it can seamlessly fit into any room layout or décor.

Sit close to your Bubble Tube and let yourself be enveloped in the soothing vibrations of the flowing water. The Bubble Tube Plinth provides a stable and safe platform for users to fully immerse themselves in the calming effects of the bubble tube.

Whether you're seeking relaxation, therapy, or simply an engaging sensory experience, the Bubble Tube Plinth is the perfect companion. Experience the soft vibrations and mesmerizing effects of your bubble tube like never before with the Bubble Tube Plinth Small. Order yours today and transform your sensory room into a haven of tranquility.

  • L50 W50 H25
  • Hole Diameter 12cm

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