Bubble tube 90cm

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Our colourful and cost effective sensory bubble tube creates the perfect sensory calming experience for any sensory room.
A bubble tube is a colourful focal point which quickly becomes the main focus of any child,the sensory bubble tube captivates any child's imagination.
Sensory rooms across the world have bubble tubes in them as they are the most popular sensory calming light you can buy.
Sit back as your child focuses on the bubbles as they rise within the water.
Bubble tubes have the ultimate calming experience as a child sits and watches the bubble tube in action.
Your child will love to touch the bubble tube and follow the bubbles which is a fantastic way to provide "Visual tracking" excercise's in a fun and engaging way.
Place this bubble tube in a bedroom or sensory room and allow your child to calm down and relax whilst watching the wonderful bubbles.
  • The bubble tube allows a child to concentrate and focus.
  • The bubble tube is a great tool to help with auditory awareness.
  • Bubble tubes are an ideal addition to sensory rooms for children with sensory processing disorder as children get a positive response to the colourful bubbles as they track the bubbles which of cause helps with visual eye development.
  • Supplied with multi coloured plastic fish
  • The Colour tube is colour changing through a programme of colours
  • Complete with bulb Height - 90cm Mains Powered

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