Bubble Dual Colour Timer

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The Bubble Dual Colour Timers offer a mesmerizing and visually engaging way to track time. Watching the two streams of coloured liquid gracefully cascade down a zigzag pattern is not only captivating but also has a calming effect, making it a fantastic tool for various purposes.

As a visual timer, it provides an alternative to digital or mechanical devices, offering a more intuitive and aesthetic way to understand the passage of time. The timer takes approximately 90 seconds for the droplets to navigate the zigzag pattern and reach the bottom, making it suitable for short activities or transitions.

Beyond its function as a timer, this device can serve as a calming distraction aid. Whether used in a classroom setting, during therapy, or simply at home, the timer's slow-moving droplets can help redirect focus and reduce stress or anxiety. It's a unique way to encourage mindfulness and present moment awareness.

Additionally, the Bubble Dual Colour Timer can be used to facilitate turn-taking in games or activities, ensuring that each participant has an equal and fair amount of time. It can also be used for timed task completion, providing a visual cue to help individuals manage their time more effectively.

In a world filled with digital distractions and incessant noise, the Bubble Dual Colour Timer offers a tranquil and tactile way to manage time and focus. It's a versatile tool that combines function with form, delivering practical utility in a beautifully captivating design

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