Boomwhackers Wak-a-Tubes 25 player classroom pack

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Introducing the Boomwhackers Wak-a-Tubes 25 player classroom pack, a complete musical experience that promises fun, education, and creativity for groups of all sizes and ages.

Boomwhackers Wak-a-Tubes 25 player classroom pack Features:

Convenience on the Go

  • Includes a durable carry bag for easy transport and storage.

Two-Octave Range

  • The set provides a full two-octave chromatic scale, letting you perform almost any piece of music.

Vibrant and Engaging

  • Brightly coloured tubes invite interest and engagement, making them suitable for all ages.


  • Made in the UK with 100% recyclable packaging, you can feel good about your purchase's impact on the environment.

Versatile and Educational

  • Popular in schools for music education and also used in corporate team-building exercises.

Easy to Play

  • No steep learning curve; just hit them against various surfaces to produce different pitches.

How to Play:

  1. Striking Technique: For optimal tone, strike a few inches from the end of the tube.

  2. Chords and Harmonies: Grab two or more tubes and strike them together to produce chords.

  3. Dynamic Play: Experiment with hitting the tubes against different materials and adjusting the striking velocity to explore various timbres and dynamics.

  4. Wak-a-Caps: Use the included Wak-a-Caps to modify the tubes' sounds, adding even more variety to your musical expression.

The Boomwhackers Wak-a-Tubes 25 player classroom pack is designed for everyone, from the musically curious to those looking to advance their ensemble skills. It offers a fun, educational, and inclusive way to bring music into your classroom or group setting.


What's in the Pack?

  1. 1 x C28
  2. 1 x C#(Db)29
  3. 1 x D30
  4. 1 x D#(Eb)31
  5. 1 x E32
  6. 1 x F33
  7. 1 x F#(Gb)34
  8. 1 x G35
  9. 1 x G#(Ab)36
  10. 1 x A37
  11. 1 x A#(Bb)38
  12. 1 x B39
  13. 1 x C40
  14. 1 x C#(Db)41
  15. 1 x D42
  16. 1 x D#(Eb)43
  17. 1 x E44
  18. 1 x F45
  19. 1 x F#(Gb)46
  20. 1 x G47
  21. 1 x G#(Ab)48
  22. 1 x A49
  23. 1 x A#(Bb)50
  24. 1 x B51
  25. 1 x C52
  26. 1 x PP792 set of 8 Wak-a-Caps

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