Bluetooth Speaker Bulbs

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Effortlessly combining light and sound, the Bluetooth Speaker Bulb will transform the mood of a room whilst playing your music through it's built in bluetooth and 2" speaker.
Fit the energy efficient bulb into an existing light socket or lamp, before wirelessly connecting it to your bluetooth enabled mobile phone, laptop or PC.
The glow of the bulb will transform the room with soft mood lighting, as the high quality speaker plays tracks from your music collection.
The Bluetooth Speaker Bulb will set the tone for parties and events, whilst also working beautifully as a mood light to transform any room in the home.

Bluetooth LED Speaker Bulbs
  • Integrated 2 inch speaker
  • Stream music via bluetooth
  • Compatible with mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPads and PC
  • Compatible with Youtube
  • Colour changing LED's change gradually 3W energy efficient LED light bulb
  • Dimensions: 16cm x 7cm (approx)

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