Birds in a Nest Sorting Set

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The Birds in a Nest Sorting Set is a colourful and interactive way to engage young learners in essential early maths activities. This set is not just a toy but a powerful educational tool that fosters a range of skills, including counting, sorting, patterning, and colour recognition.

One of the key features of this set is its bird-nesting theme, which adds a layer of imaginative play to classic sorting activities. Children can use the momma birds as finger puppets, adding an extra dimension to storytelling and imaginative play. This brings a fun and unique twist to what is generally considered a math-focused activity.

The set is well-designed for little hands, featuring six sturdy plastic sorting bowls that represent nests. Each nest contains one mummy bird and four baby birds, all in vibrant colours: green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and red. The nests themselves are stackable, making storage convenient and space-efficient.

Included in the set:

  • Six nests measuring 8.5cm D x 2.5cm H
  • Six mummy birds measuring 4.5cm H
  • 24 baby birds measuring 2.5cm H
  • Multicultural packaging and activity guide

From an educational perspective, this Birds in a Nest Sorting Set aligns well with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines, particularly in the areas of:

  • Maths – Number: The set supports reliable counting from numbers one to 20, adding and subtracting of two single-digit numbers, and solving problems that include doubling, halving, and sharing.
  • Maths – Space, Shape & Measure: It helps children recognise, create, and describe patterns.

This comprehensive, hands-on set offers young learners an enjoyable and meaningful way to develop foundational maths skills. With its playful theme and rich educational value, the Birds in a Nest Sorting Set is an excellent resource for early childhood education.


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