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Introduce your little one to the concept of time in the most delightful way with the Bigjigs Stacking Clock. Beautifully crafted in bright and stripy colours, this wooden clock is more than just a time-telling device; it's an interactive learning tool designed to stimulate various skills.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Design: Bright, stripy wooden pieces captivate young eyes and add a burst of colour to any play area.
  • Moveable Hands: The clock features moveable hands, so you can set the time and ask your child to match the numbers.
  • Chunky Pieces: Consists of five chunky, easy-to-grasp pieces that are perfect for little hands.
  • High Quality & Safety: Made from responsibly sourced materials and conforms to current European safety standards.

Educational Benefits:

  • Problem-Solving: Assembling the clock pieces is a wonderful exercise in problem-solving and logical thinking.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Handling and stacking the chunky pieces help develop dexterity and fine motor skills.
  • Number Recognition: A hands-on way to introduce numbers and time-telling skills.
  • Colour and Shape Identification: The variously coloured pieces are a great way to teach colours and shapes.

How it Works:

  1. Assemble: Before learning to tell the time, kids get to assemble the clock by stacking the chunky pieces.
  2. Set the Time: Use the moveable hands to set a time.
  3. Match & Learn: Challenge your child to match the time by identifying the correct numbers and positions.

Whether for playtime or educational engagement, the Bigjigs Stacking Clock is a versatile and enriching addition to your child’s toy collection. It's an excellent way to combine play and learning, making the concept of time both educational and fun!

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