Beanbag Animal Awareness Pack

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The Beanbag Animal Awareness Pack is the ultimate learning tool for kids of all ages. With 18 adorable beanbag animals from different habitats, this pack offers endless educational possibilities.

Each beanbag animal is crafted with vibrant colors and a soft vinyl cover, providing a delightful tactile stimulation for young learners. The texture of the beanbags enhances sensory development and encourages hands-on exploration.

These versatile beanbags can be used in a variety of games and activities. From throwing and catching to target games and cross-curriculum exercises, children can engage in exciting and interactive play while learning about animals and their habitats.

Teachers and parents alike can incorporate the Beanbag Animal Awareness Pack into lessons, making it an ideal resource for classrooms, homeschooling, or educational play at home. These beanbags offer a unique and engaging way to introduce children to the diversity of animal life across the globe.

  • Soft Vinyl Cover for tactile stimulation.
  • Weight approximately 70 grams each.
  • A fun selection of 18 beanbag animals that come from various habitats.
  • These colourful beanbags have endless teaching possibilities from throwing, catching to use in target games and use in cross curriculum activities.

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