Bean Bag Primary Seat

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Colour: Aqua
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Revamp your relaxation space with our Bean Bag Primary Seat!

The Bean Bag Primary Seat is a vibrant and cozy addition that's perfect for classrooms, homes, or sensory corners.

The choice of colours on the Bean Bag Primary Seat is not just eye-catching; it's downright stunning, and children are sure to fall in love with them.
It's an excellent choice for little bookworms seeking to immerse themselves in their favorite stories.

As children progress through their final years in primary school, having an informal area for reading or socializing with friends becomes increasingly important. This bean bag encourages positive social interaction, creating a welcoming environment for classmates to connect and learn together.

The classic beanbag shape, filled with millions of beans, provides comprehensive postural support for children. In contrast to rigid wooden or plastic chairs, this soft seating option is ideal for children who might have trouble sitting still, as it encourages relaxation and enhances their enjoyment of lessons.

Measuring 70cm x 90cm, our Bean Bag Primary Seat is designed for both comfort and functionality. It's the perfect solution to create a warm and inviting space for young learners to thrive, making education more engaging and enjoyable

  • The classic shape of the beanbag and the millions of beans inside will offer children all round postural support.
  • In comparison to wooden or plastic chairs, this soft seating option can encourage children who may find difficulty sitting still to relax and enjoy lessons.
  • Measures 70cm x 90cm

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