Bath Mirror Shapes

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Looking for a fun and educational bath time activity for your little ones? Look no further than these Bath Mirror Shapes from Edufoam! Featuring three brightly coloured mirrors in triangle, circle, and square shapes, these toys are designed specifically for water play and will stick to any smooth, flat surface when wet.

Made from Edufoam, these mirrors are incredibly durable and resistant to mould and mildew. They won't absorb water or become misshapen, ensuring that your child will enjoy hours of developmental fun both now and in the future.

These bath mirrors are suitable for children aged 12 months and up, and are sure to provide endless entertainment and educational opportunities as your child discovers their own reflection and explores the shapes and colours of the mirrors.
So why wait? Add these Bath Mirror Shapes to your child's bath time routine today and watch the fun unfold!

Bath Mirror Shapes

  • Visual Processing 
  • Water play 
  • Can be used to encourage interactive play and facial recognition
  • A safe and fun way to allow your child to explore self awareness or use whilst brushing there teeth prompting personal hygiene in a fun and engaging way.
  • Pack of 3 Edu-foam bath mirror toys.
  • Especially designed for water play.
  • Will stick to any smooth, flat surface when wet.
  • Includes triangle, circle and square shaped mirrors.

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