Balancing Adventure Stones

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Introducing the Balancing Adventure Stones, the ultimate tool for training balance, coordination, and confidence in young adventurers!
The Balancing Adventure Stones are made of sturdy wood, these balance stones offer a unique double-sided design that provides endless opportunities for movement and play.

Not only do these stones challenge children to maintain their balance, but they also enhance their coordination skills. Each balance stone features half-sphere elements made of robust foam positioned differently underneath, creating various levels of difficulty. As children navigate the stones, they encounter different challenges that encourage them to improve their coordination and motor skills.

When all of the stones are combined together, they form a creative balancing pathway with individually adjustable difficulty levels.
This allows for a customized setup that can be modified based on the abilities and age of the children, ensuring that the balance stones "grow with the kids" naturally.
Whether it's a simple pathway or a complex obstacle course, the possibilities are endless, constantly inspiring new play and exercise ideas.

The basic design, simple shapes, and abundant use of natural wood make these balance stones easily integrate into any living room or nursery space. They blend seamlessly with the existing decor, adding a touch of natural beauty while providing endless hours of fun and physical activity.

These balance stones are not just for play; they also have therapeutic benefits. Whether used in occupational therapy, physical therapy, or simply for therapeutic play, these balance stones are an excellent tool for promoting motor skills, balance, and overall physical development.

Build the ultimate gymnastic course or let children create their own adventures – the possibilities are limitless.
Get your set of Balancing Adventure Stones today and watch your young adventurers thrive!

  • Also suitable for therapeutic purposes
  • Balance stones turn the nursery into a land of adventure in seconds
  • Simple design and shapes and high amount of natural wood make these stones real eye-catchers
  • Dimensions: large balancing stone Height: approx. 4 cm, Ø approx. 20 cm,
  • Small balancing stone height: approx. 4 cm, Ø approx. 9.5 cm,
  • load capacity 50 kg
  • 8 balance stones

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