Baby Moves Rocky Road Balancer

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The Rocky Road Balancer is the perfect tool for developing coordination and balance in toddlers. With its unique design, children can lie on the balancer and rock themselves back and forth, challenging their motor skills while having fun.

This versatile product offers different ways to play and grow. Toddlers can also stand on the balancer and hold the hands of an adult while enjoying the rocking motion. This not only helps in enhancing balance but also fosters bonding and trust between the child and the adult.

The Rocky Road Balancer can be turned on its side to double as a seat, providing a comfortable spot for resting or reading. Its sturdy construction and smooth surface ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for little ones.

Included with the balancer is a detailed activity sheet, offering a variety of ideas and games to enhance playtime. This resource provides parents and caregivers with creative activity options that promote physical development, coordination, and cognitive skills.

Let the Rocky Road Balancer be your child's favorite playmate, helping them build confidence, coordination, and balance while having endless hours of fun!

  • Turn the Baby Moves Rocky Road Balancer on its side and it becomes a seat!
  • Detailed activity sheet included
  • Size: H300 x L600 x D300mm

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