Awesome Sensory Starter Play Set

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Introducing the Awesome Sensory Starter Play Set, a comprehensive kit that offers an incredible variety of sensory toys to enhance your child's playtime experience. With this play set, your little one can delve into a world of sensory exploration and stimulation, all conveniently packaged in one kit.

Carefully curated, our play set includes a fantastic selection of sensory items that have been specifically chosen for the incredible benefits they offer during play. Each toy is thoughtfully designed to engage multiple senses, promoting learning, creativity, and overall cognitive development in children.

Inside the Awesome Sensory Starter Play Set, you'll discover an assortment of textured balls, captivating fidget toys, visually stimulating objects, and soothing sensory tools. These toys have been handpicked to cater to a variety of sensory needs and preferences, ensuring that every child can find something they love within this diverse collection.

The textured balls in our play set provide a tactile experience that encourages touch and exploration, helping children refine their fine motor skills and sensory sensitivity. Our fidget toys are not only entertaining but also aid in improving focus and concentration, making them perfect for children who may struggle with attention-related challenges.

Additionally, our visually captivating items are sure to captivate your child's imagination and promote visual tracking skills. From mesmerizing liquid motion timers to vibrant and colorful objects, these toys offer a feast for the eyes and encourage visual development in a fun and engaging way.

Last but not least, our soothing sensory tools provide a calming effect, allowing children to relax and unwind. These tools are particularly helpful for calming anxiety or providing comfort during moments of overstimulation.

Experience the joy of sensory play with our Awesome Sensory Starter Play Set. This comprehensive kit will delight and engage your child, while simultaneously providing them with invaluable sensory experiences for their overall development.
  • Contents may vary from those shown.
  • Toys and games suitable for 3 years plus
  • Contents may vary from those shown

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