Aurora Moonlight Sensory Blanket

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Calm down or chill out.
Wrap yourself in the cozy comfort of a plush light up blanket that changes colours.
Enjoy the gentle glow of the LED lights as you read, watch TV or play games.
Colours rotate between soft blue, green and pink.
Watching the colours change sets a tranquil mood and encourages visual tracking.
Looking for a new way for a child to calm down?

  • The LED blanket soothes with changing colours and the glow encourages relaxation.
  • The plush blanket feels soft against the skin and the LED lights do not generate heat, making it safe to touch.
  • Offers visual and tactile stimulation for sensory seekers
  • Provides calming effect when children are feeling over stimulated or overwhelmed
  • Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism
  • Size 120×90 cm

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