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This cool colour changing Aroma Diffuser certainly can bring life to any Sensory Room, this awesome device lights up and changes colour.
You can fill up the Aroma Diffuser Tank with liquid fragrance and the device will disperse it in the air at an interval.

Elevate your sensory room or living space with our Colour-Changing Aroma Diffuser, designed to captivate both your sense of smell and sight. This mesmerising device is more than just an aroma diffuser; it's a unique sensory experience that's perfect for children and adults alike.

Unmatched Visual Appeal

With 7 beautiful light options to choose from, this Aroma Diffuser illuminates your room with captivating hues, instantly transforming the ambience. If you prefer a more subtle experience, the option to run the diffuser without light is also available.

Olfactory Delights

Fill the 120ml capacity tank with your favourite liquid fragrance, and let the diffuser disperse it into the air at your chosen interval. Whether it's lavender to help you unwind or citrus to invigorate your senses, this versatile diffuser has got you covered.

Customisable Mist Options

Choose from continuous and intermittent mist settings to suit your needs. With a runtime of approximately 4-8 hours, this Aroma Diffuser ensures you're immersed in a fragrant environment for an extended period without the need for constant refills.

Safety First

Engineered with your safety in mind, this device comes with an automatic shut-off feature that activates when the water level is low or if the device encounters an issue. It's safe to use with both tap and purified water, and even with citrus essential oils—giving you endless possibilities for creating your ideal sensory environment.

Enhance your sensory experience today with our Colour-Changing Aroma Diffuser and immerse yourself in a world of visual and olfactory delight.

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