Animal Tactile Cushion Pack of 10


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Unveil the incredible world of animals in the most tactile way with our Animal Tactile Cushions. Crafted with curiosity and education in mind, these cushions bring both the farmyard and the jungle into your learning or play space, offering children a hands-on approach to discovering the animal kingdom.


  • Engaging and Educational: These cushions provide a plethora of discussion points, aiding in a child's understanding and awareness of different animals from various habitats around the globe. They not only add a fun element to learning but also encourage educational discussions about the diverse world of animals.

  • Soft and Tactile: Designed with a soft, inviting texture, children will find themselves unable to resist exploring the distinctive textures encapsulated in each cushion. Every touch is a step towards a fun learning journey, offering both comfort and a wonderful tactile experience.

  • Perfect for Thematic Learning: Be it the rumble in the jungle or a day at the farm, these cushions seamlessly integrate into any thematic setting, enhancing the learning experience by bringing a realistic touch to imaginary play and story times.


  • Sensory Development: The cushions are excellent tools for sensory development, helping children distinguish between various textures while promoting a keen sense of touch and exploration.

  • Rich Discussion Points: Spark lively discussions and nurture inquisitive minds as children share their thoughts and knowledge about different animals, their habitats, and characteristics, fostering a love for learning and the animal kingdom.

  • Wide Application: Ideal for classrooms, playrooms, or any learning environment, these cushions bring a sense of adventure and the joy of discovery to everyday settings.

  • Styles include Sheep, cow, bee, ladybird, Dalmatian, tiger, bear, leopard, giraffe and zebra.
  • Size: 38x36 cm per cushion

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