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Introducing the Bean Bag Frogs, a unique, innovative, and fun-filled game designed to offer tactile stimulation, sensory integration activity, and upper extremity strengthening for individuals with physical or neurological disabilities.

This product comes as a pack of 4 Vinyl Bean Bag Frogs, each meticulously crafted to ensure durability and longevity. These charming frogs are more than just a game; they're a versatile tool that can aid in the development of sensory and gross motor skills.

These Bean Bag Frogs are an excellent alternative to traditional balls or beanbags. Their unique design and functionality make them perfect for a variety of activities. Toss them at targets to improve hand-eye coordination, place them on your head to enhance balance, or incorporate them into various games to make learning fun and interactive.

The Bean Bag Frogs are designed with smaller hands in mind. Their size and weight make them easy to grip and handle, ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can join in the fun.

Whether you're looking to improve physical abilities, motor skills, or simply want a fun and engaging game, the Bean Bag Frogs are the perfect choice. Get your pack today and leap into a world of fun and learning!

  • The Bean Bag Frogs are a great choice in place of balls or beanbags when developing gross motor skills.
  • Toss at targets, use for balance when placed on heads, or use in games.
  • The size and weight of the Bean bag frogs are ideal for smaller hands.
  • Each bean bag frog has a soft vinyl cover for better hand contact and a more tactile feel.

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