ABC Party Cupcake Toppers

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Turn alphabet learning into fun learning! ABC Party Cupcake Toppers helps children to learn the alphabet, make simple words using the coloured alphabet and vocabulary toppers, improving their early language skills and communication! Use the ABC Party Cupcake Toppers to learn early language skills: alphabet, beginning sounds, vocabulary and more! Turn learning the ABCs into a treat-filled party! Kids learn alphabet and early language skills at every tea party with the ABC Party Cupcake Toppers.
This set's six pretend cupcakes come ready to decorate with 52 letter and picture toppers that help kids work on learning the alphabet, mastering beginning sounds, building vocabulary skills, and more.

  • ABC Party Cupcake Toppers support open-ended play - match the toppers to their starting letters, explore the difference between upper and lowercase letters, or consult the online word list for a guide to spelling simple two- and three-letter words!
  • Toppers double as fun cupcake decorations, and add imaginative treat games of pretend or tea parties for imaginary friends! When playtime ends, the toy cupcakes reveal their neatest trick yet: all 52 toppers store inside the 6 cupcake bases, turning clean-up from a chore to a delight.
  • Cupcake measures 6.5cm high.

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