A4 Sized Mirrors 10 Pack

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Introducing our incredible value Set of 10 A4-sized plastic mirrors! These versatile mirrors are perfect for various applications, whether you need them for educational purposes or simply to enhance your sensory room.

Each mirror comes with a convenient self-adhesive backing, allowing you to easily set them in place on a wall or within a sensory room. This means you can create a customized arrangement that suits your needs, whether you want to create a visually stimulating environment or promote self-recognition.

One of the many uses of these fantastic A4 mirrors is for experimenting with light. The reflective surface of the mirrors allows you to explore the behavior of light, making them an excellent tool for scientific investigations or artistic endeavors.

Moreover, these mirrors offer numerous math benefits as well. They serve as an essential basic apparatus for investigating symmetry, making geometry concepts more tangible and engaging for learners of all ages. By manipulating the mirrors, students can observe and understand the principles of symmetry in a hands-on way.

A4 Sized Mirrors 10 Pack
  • The A4 Sized Mirrors are a great value addition to any home and classroom.
  • Great value 10 pack of A4 mirrors

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