A3 Exploration Light Tray

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This A3 Exploration Light Tray is for use on a desk, on the floor - inside or out .
The A3 Exploration Light Tray is made from clear polycarbonate giving it incredible strength and longevity in the classroom where its rigidity means that even when filled with water it can be lifted and moved around without it flexing.

In addition to its everyday uses with a variety of liquids and textures for general artwork the A3 Exploration Light Tray has been cleverly designed to fit over our A3 Light Panel to provide a space for an illumination of activities.

Children will enjoy using this when making patterns, drawing, painting or using food substance s (tapioca, rice, semolina, lentils etc) to create interesting textures and effects.
Also brilliant for use with inks, dyes and for marbling.

Why not experiment with inks and dyes to create bold marbling effects. Or introduce intriguing textures with food substances such as tapioca, rice, semolina, lentils, spaghetti, etc.
Children will have fun using the tray for making patterns, drawing, painting or exploring messy play materials and when the fun is over the tray can be easily wiped clean and stored away ready for the next exciting activity.

Set includes: 1 light panel tray.
Size: L 56.5cm x W 44cm x H 10cm.
Fits over TickIT A3 Light Panel (supplied sep) 73046 and is A3 internal size. Internal depth: 7.3cm.

Age: Suitable for use with children under adult supervision.

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