68 Pack Jumbo Blocks

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With these Jumbo Blocks, the possibilities are endless! These beautifully crafted traditional jumbo blocks are ideal for stacking, building, and hands-on creative learning.
Sixty Eight super-smooth rubber wood unit building jumbo blocks.
Ideal for building, balancing, and hands-on early-math learning, these traditional unit blocks are a great value!
Ask kids to explore different ways to make shapes of equal sizes using different blocks.
For instance, two square blocks are the same size as one medium rectangular block; two medium rectangular blocks are the same size as one large rectangular block.
Have younger kids experiment by laying the blocks on top of each other; challenge older kids to create a shape the size of a block or blocks you are holding.
Talk about half and whole, and, as kids get older, fractions! SMALL & LARGE Ask kids to choose one block of each shape (14 in all).

Challenge them to arrange the shapes in a straight line from smallest to largest.
Using just the rectangular and square blocks, take turns stacking pieces to make a tower as tall as possible.
If someone stacks a piece that makes the tower tumble, the other player gets a point; the first to get five points wins!

Blocks are great for building towers, walls, roads, and towns, and they play perfectly with many toys you already have! Use wooden or metal cars, toy trains, chunky puzzle pieces, and play people to play make-believe.

  • Stimulate creativity and imagination. 
  • Enhance body movement coordination. 
  • Promote awareness of shape recognition. 
  • Cultivate structural understanding and spatial concepts.
  • Improve gross motor skills and fine motor skills. 
  • Enhance muscle stability in hands. 
  • Encourage teamwork and peer interaction.

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