50 Piece Building Blocks Farm Set

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What will your little one build first? With these wooden farm bricks children will love playing with these blocks so they can help build social skills working together to build and problem solve along with communication and language.
Using the farm blocks your little one will be able to build and role play until their hearts content.
When reaching for these brightly coloured bricks and placing them on top of each other this is developing their hand-eye co-ordination and fine tuning their fine motor skills.
Building structures from mind helps to develop their creativity and imagination along with learning about shape, space and colour.
  • Wooden bricks are a fantastic addition to any toybox, enabling your child to learn through play.
  • Made from wood.
  • Builds social skills.
  • Develops creativity and imagination.
  • Helps aid learning about shapes and colours.
  • Refines fine motor skills.
  • Learn through play.

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