4 Pack Sensory Odd Balls

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A set of four inflatable odd balls in distinctive and unusual shapes and with different surface textures and colours.
The Sensory Odd Balls are great fun for throwing, catching, rolling and bouncing as the irregular shapes make them bounce and roll in unpredictable directions, challenging expectations and hand-eye coordination.
Our TickiT® Odd Balls Set is a truly fascinating and captivating set of inflatable balls in odd and curious shapes. Each ball is a different colour and has a different textured surface, making them great tactile balls to have fun playing throw and catch games, rolling and bouncing them to observe their irregular movements and ideal for hand-eye coordination.
Supports the following areas of learning: 

  • Physical Development - hand-eye coordination
  • Physical Development - motor skills
  • Personal Development - sensory
  • Personal Development - collaborative play

Set includes: 4  balls (blue, green, purple, clear) 
Size: Clear ball 20cm diameter.
Age: Suitable for all ages.

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