3 Pack Softie Marine Magnifiers

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Dive into the world of exploration with the Softie Marine Magnifiers! This charming set of three chunky, aquatic-themed magnifiers is meticulously crafted for young adventurers, blending learning and play in the most delightful, marine-inspired way!

🌟 Marine Exploration for Little Hands:

With a yellow turtle, a blue fish, and a green frog, each Softie Marine Magnifier is ideally sized for little hands to grip and explore, offering a 2x magnifying lens in the center. The lightweight softie EVA foam surrounds make it safe and comfortable for children to use.

🌈 Engaging & Educational:

These Softie Marine Magnifiers will float on water, allowing children to observe enlargement of objects placed in water trays hands-free, offering a unique and engaging way to learn and explore the aquatic world around them.

🎁 Features:

  • Floatable Design: Ideal for hands-free learning in water trays.
  • 2x Magnifying Lens: Offers clear and enlarged observation.
  • Designed for Small Hands: Chunky and lightweight, perfect for gripping and exploring.
  • Versatile Learning Aid: Supports understanding of the world through observation and encourages collaborative play.

🌿 What’s Inside the Set?

  • 3 Softie Marine Magnifiers: In the adorable shapes of a yellow turtle, a blue fish, and a green frog.
  • Suitable for ages: 18 months and above.

πŸ’š Gift of Exploration & Discovery:

The Softie Marine Magnifiers are more than just fun toys; they are a portal to exploration and discovery in the aquatic world, making them a thoughtful gift for young explorers eager to learn and play.

πŸƒ Embark on a Journey of Aquatic Discovery! πŸƒ

The Softie Marine Magnifiers are a gateway to a world filled with aquatic wonders and learning delights. Gift this enchanting set to young minds and watch as it unveils the mysteries of the marine world in the most playful and educational way!

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