3 Pack Large Flower Mirrors

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These stunning Large Flower Mirrors are not only beautiful decorative pieces but also powerful tools for self-exploration and personal development. Designed to spark curiosity and encourage self-discovery, these mirrors are perfect for both outdoor gardens or indoor spaces.

Crafted from durable 2mm polystyrene, these mirrors are not only shatterproof but also incredibly flexible, allowing for easy installation or repositioning. This ensures that you can use them without worrying about safety concerns or accidental breakage, making them ideal for homes with children or high-traffic areas.

Whether you are a teacher looking to enhance a learning environment or a parent seeking to create a sensory den for your child, these Large Flower Mirrors are the perfect addition. They create an immersive and engaging experience that promotes self-recognition, cognitive development, and sensory exploration.

In a learning environment, these mirrors can be incorporated into various activities, such as self-reflection exercises or group discussions, encouraging students to explore their own identities and develop a sense of self-awareness. They can also be used as part of mindfulness exercises, supporting emotional wellbeing and personal growth.

At home, these Large Flower Mirrors can transform any space into a vibrant sensory den. Children can enjoy observing themselves, exploring different facial expressions, and developing a deep understanding of their own emotions. This self-discovery journey can foster confidence, empathy, and self-acceptance, ultimately contributing to their overall personal growth.

With their beautiful design and exceptional functionality, the Large Flower Mirrors are not just ordinary mirrors but tools that inspire self-discovery, foster personal development, and bring joy to any environment.
  • Dimensions: 300 x 300mm (Each) Set of 3 mirrors

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