3 Giant Big Bubble Mirror

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Introducing the 3 Giant Big Bubble Mirror, a captivating sensory resource designed to spark the imagination and foster self-exploration in children.
There is nothing more fascinating to children than exploring their own faces and bodies, and these mirrors provide the perfect opportunity for endless discovery.

Built with durability in mind, the 3 Giant Big Bubble Mirror features tough and shatterproof acrylic mirrors.
You can rest assured that these mirrors are safe for children to use, even in the most active environments.
Designed to be functional as well as visually appealing, this mirror is both a stylish addition and an engaging play tool.

Ideal for sensory rooms and early years settings, the 3 Giant Big Bubble Mirror adds a touch of wonder and excitement to any space.
Watch as children become enthralled with their reflections, learning about themselves and their surroundings in a fun and interactive way.

Engage your little ones' natural curiosity with the 3 Giant Big Bubble Mirror. Create a space where they can explore, learn, and grow, while also providing a stunning visual treat that is sure to captivate their attention. Invest in a mirror that is not only fun, but also functional - perfect for children in any setting..
  • Sizing 800 x 270mm.

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